Eating healthily at your summer barbecues is much easier than you may think, cooking on a naked flame is the healthiest way of cooking any food, you just have to think outside the box of the things you are going to cook. Obviously guests will be expecting some sort of protein – meats like turkey and chicken. There is no reason why you cannot put a pan on the griddle and make a spicy turkey stew or a chicken fricassee to go with a wild rice salad. Seafood and fish are great for cooking on a BBQ, just try to make the dipping sauces as fresh as possible using olive oil and citrus.


Fish is great for cooking on a barbecue, it cooks really quickly and suits citrus and healthy dressings perfectly. In Thai cooking, fish dipping sauce is the most piquant sauce that is used on the table and cuts through oily fishes such as mackerel perfectly. Whole fishes can be stuffed with herbs and then wrapped in foil to steam on the BBQ, then pieces of succulent steamed fish can be put into salads or eaten with crusty bread. If you are going to use fillets of fish then you need something that can hold together and not break apart on the grill, such as snapper, tuna, swordfish or salmon. Be careful of the cooking times as over cooked fish is a waste of great product.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a classic vegetable to serve and cook at a barbecue, not only is it healthy but it tastes likes summer. And charring it on the grill brings out the natural flavors, just be mindful about how much butter or salt you add. Peppers also are so much tastier when you slightly char them, and can be eaten with the skins off or on. Cooking them over a flame also takes the bitterness out of peppers, or any vegetables for that matter.

Corn on the Cob
Corn on the Cob

Vinegar Based Coleslaw

Barbecued food has to be accompanied in some way with a good coleslaw. But normally coleslaw is made with a creamy white dressing or mayonnaise and neither are really a healthy option. Far healthier and possibly even more tasty are tangy coleslaws with vinegar bases.

Beef Kebabs!

Our final healthy food for your summer BBQ is a meaty treat, the majestic beef kebab. And to keep them healthy choose your cut of meat carefully, if you can afford it then filet mignon is perfect. If you are choosing a fatty cut, then select one that the fat will render off so you are not left with a mouthful of gristle. To make your beef kebabs even more tasty and healthy, leave off a cube or two of meat and load on more peppers, onions and tomatoes. To ensure the meat is succulent and easy to chew marinade it for a couple of hours first in garlic, chile, olive oil and some lemon zest. Perfect with a bean salad or brown rice.