The World’s Classic Liqueurs

The most popular liqueurs tend to be the classic ones and also the oldest, and here are a few of the best loved all over the world.

D.O.M Benedictine

Benedictine is one of the most popular liqueurs that is enjoyed all over the world, sometimes it is called D.O.M and as well as being one of the most popular it is also one of the oldest.


Once a medical elixir, Chartreuse is one of the imbibed liqueurs in the world today. Unlike our former liqueur, Chartreuse is still being made by monks today.


Changing from spirits made by monks, our next liqueur comes from Scotland, and of course has to contain whisky. Drambuie is actually a Gaelic word that translates into the drink that satisfies, and along with whisky it contains herbs, and heather honey.

What is the Difference Between Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon?

Three drinks that have a similar flavor and are often confused when spoken about are Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon. The simple answer is that Scottish whisky can only be made in Scotland is not quite definitive enough, and that Scottish whisky does not contain an e does not fully describe the differences.

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